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For the vehicle you chose, be it a passenger car or van, in the AUTO-VYHYBKA used car dealership we will arrange for you a loan at the requisite level from our partner companies. When buying a vehicle by instalments, it is possible to choose one of several financial products. Our advisers will always choose for you the one which is the best for you.

General conditions for gaining loan for the purchase of a vehicle

  • the loan can be provided to a natural person over the age of 18 with permanent of temporary residence in the Czech Republic
  • the length of the loan can be from 6 to 96 months
  • the level of the loan is limited only by your ability to pay the regular instalments 

Necessary documents for gaining a loan

  • civic ID card
  • second ID document
  • self-employed people also need a trading certificate or statement from the Companies Register
  • foreigners need a residence permit, passport, second ID document
  • EU citizens – civic ID document and second document, residence document

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